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A Bit of Git for CDISC

Along with JIRA and the Confluence Wiki, CDISC has added the Atlassian Bitbucket distributed version control system to our online toolset. CDISC finally has a Git-based version control system, and several projects have already started using it. In cases where a standard is under development, the repository may be private to the team and not accessible by others. However, I anticipate a growing number of publicly accessible CDISC Bitbucket projects. The XML Technologies and SHARE teams are using Bitbucket and will have publicly accessible projects. Trace-XML is one such project. More on this in an upcoming post.

You can find Bitbucket from the CDISC Wiki or JIRA by selecting the drop-down menu in the upper left-hand corner of either application, as shown in the graphic below. If you haven't used Git or Bitbucket before there are numerous online tutorials to get you started.

Most code developed in a project of mine will have a repository on Bitbucket. That said, there are times when…