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SHARE 2015 Q4 Technical Update

The SHARE API Pilot continues to make progress. A draft specification is being reviewed and a test server is running the API as currently specified. The pilot team will finalize the draft specification and spend the rest of the year testing and developing interfaces to the API. The SHARE team will also make use of the API to enhance tools in the SHARE ecosystem by making it easier for them to consume SHARE metadata. The SHARE API will be moved into production during Q2 of 2016.
A few last development details are being cleaned up for the SHARE RDF export, and then we'll work to generate a test export for the community to review. The initial exports will include SDTM, CDASH, and Controlled Terminology. The RDF content will be posted to eSHARE, and will also be available for consumption via the API once it has been moved into production.
The Biomedical Concept (BC) development tools have seen a number of upgrades this year. These tools are currently being used by the Collaborative C…

New Initiatives Highlighted at the 2015 CDISC Interchange

Lots of new initiatives showed promise at the CDISC 2015 Interchange conference in Chicago on November 9-13.  The EHR2CDASH (E2C) project demonstrated the potential of healthcare link technologies used with the CDISC standards. The E2C XPath statements used to grab HL7 C-CDA/CCD document content will be stored in SHARE to support the implementation of CDASH forms that can be pre-populated with EHR content. A group of CFAST TA standards development stakeholders reviewed the new processes and tools that will be used for developing the Prostate Cancer standard. BiomedicalConcepts continue to garner attention as a key element of the semantic layer in the CDISC standards model. The growing CDISC standards model so important to the SHARE work was on display during the poster session. Use of the ODM standard was highlighted, including an extension to support its use in modern hand-held devices. There was quite a bit of enthusiasm and interest in SHARE activities, as evidenced by the crowd a…