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April SHARE Update

Since the R1 library was moved into production at the end of January, the SHARE team has been hard at work on the R2 deliverables. Broadly speaking, R2 is focused around three main themes: (1) loading the remaining foundational standards, (2) publishing machine-readable standards to eSHARE, and (3) designing a solution for research concepts. On the first theme the SHARE curators are working with the SDS team to load SDTMIG 3.1.3, in addition to working on the import of SDTM IG 3.2. The curators are also working on the first controlled terminology update with the March release. On the second theme the team has implemented features to provide machine-readable standards exports, and has been testing these. The new CDISC web site will host this content for subscribers, and will be available for use this summer. Finally, on the third theme the team has been working on the requirements and a solution alternative for research concepts. A prototype of this solution will be implemented for ev…