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A Profile for Define-XML

As the CDISC XML Technologies team finalizes Define-XML v2.1 for internal review an old debate has re-surfaced: how much should the Define-XML specification focus on the regulatory submissions use case versus providing a more general specification that works for a broader set of use cases. As a standard that provides metadata to describe tabular datasets, Define-XML can be used to describe legacy datasets as well as datasets included for submissions. Define-XML has also been used as a specification for datasets. However, Define-XML became the most widely implemented ODM-XML based standard due its role as a required element of regulatory submissions. The importance of ensuring that Define-XML files included in a submission are complete and accurate makes a compelling case for adding rules that specifically target this use case at the risk of reducing its usefulness in other contexts.
Having recently participated in the September HL7 FHIR connectathon in Baltimore, MD it strikes me tha…