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Metadata Curator Wanted Being a metadata curator means most won’t exactly understand what you do. You can certainly forget about explaining your job to your mom.  Traditionally, curators have managed collections of old stuff, like what you might find in a museum.  In today’s world of informatics and big data, however, metadata curators play an essential role in enabling metadata driven automation and semantic interoperability.
At CDISC we are implementing the SHARE metadata repository to manage the latest standards metadata, as well as the older stuff. The SHARE metadata curators will play a critical role in defining and administrating the processes and policies for governing the metadata that will become the CDISC standards. They will help to lead the CDISC community towards new ways of standards development.  In this capacity, the metadata curator must be a passionate advocate for clinical research data standards, a strong communicator, as well as an energetic collaborator. Since SH…

SHARE Sightings at the CDISC International Interchange

SHARE wasn't only the theme of this year’s International Interchange, it was also a launch of sorts. CDISC has certainly talked about SHARE at past Interchanges, but this year’s dialogue had a different quality to it. This was largely driven by the fact that the wrappers were taken off the SHARE software, and attendees actually got a preview of what’s coming. We’re still talking about the vision for SHARE, maybe more than ever, but we’re also talking specific features and functions, as well as when we’ll begin using the application.
During the SHARE session on Thursday the SHARE Road Map was presented, the version of SHARE currently under development was demonstrated, and we saw how SHARE and CFAST fit together.  The release of SHARE R1 is planned for the first quarter of 2014. After initiating the project in 2007, and following a longish gestation period, the implementation is on target to deliver in a period of just under 6 months. We have a long way to go to fully realize the …