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ODMv2: Renovating the ODM Standard

ODM, CDISC's Operational Data Model, version 1.x will be 17 years old in October, making it a mature standard. ODM has come of age, and it's time for ODM to take on a bit more responsibility around here. Toward this end, a new XML Technologies development team has recently started work on ODMv2, a substantially updated version of ODM that breaks backwards compatibility with version 1.3.x to add a number of significant new features. This post highlights some areas of new development for ODMv2. As ODMv2 is still in the early stages of development, the scope of the project and specific features are subject to change.
Among the more important new ODMv2 features will be a RESTful API that specifies standard methods of data and metadata exchange. The RESTful architecture uses specific URLs and the HTTP protocol to leverage pervasive, scalable web technologies to simplify data interchange. Lack of a common API for data exchange in clinical research has limited the available interoper…